About Us


Simple Waves Innovations is a company located in Athens Greece that provides cutting edge solutions in various aspects of the business sector, targeting local and worldwide markets.

In particular we are proud to provide technology solutions and advisory services to companies and organizations interested in the networking, telecommunications and new technology areas, recognizing the importance that communication and connectivity have in the utilization of evolving technologies.


Simple Waves Innovations is constantly developing and exploiting new technology applications, regarding our area of expertise, in order to provide our partners and customers, cost effective networking solutions and new ways of implementing and using network infrastructures.

We envision a networked universe without boundaries, with expanded horizons, free of the restrictions today's wired world has. Wherever connectivity of any form improves quality of life, adds value to the end user, or resolves what would otherwise be unsolvable, we will be there, designing installing and maintaining flexible network architectures and technology solutions.


Project Showcase

January 10 2011

ArNet.gr just got into it's fifth year of operation.  ArNet.gr is a WiFi Mesh Network owned by the municipality of Argyroupolis that mainly  provides web access to the residents of the city.  It spans over an area of around five square kilometers.

ArNet AP Map

Every day over one thousand unique users generate more than one hundred Gigabyte of traffic, which is routed over fiber optic links into the internet.   The network has been set up using Tropos Networks and Aphelion Communications products.  It has been pointed out several times as "best practice"  to build  large scale WiFi networks.

Simple Waves InnovationsAbout UsCalculatorContactPartnersSolutionsProductsAfter SalesInstallationManaged ServicesPresalesProject ManagementTrainingSimple Waves Innovations is an expert in wireless networks. We do city wide, also called metro mesh networks, point to (multi)point links, hot spots and hot zones. Simple Waves Innovations ειδικεύεται στα ασύρματα δίκτυα. Δημιουργούμε δίκτυα πλέγματος για την κάλυψη μεγάλων περιοχών, πόλεων και δήμων, ζεύξεις σημείου πρός σημείο - σημεία, ζώνες και χώρους ασύρματης πρόσβασης. We offer products from tropos networks, pepwave, peplink, pheenet and aphelion. We support wifi, TDM, FDD wireless technologies. Προσφέρουμε προϊόντα των tropos networks, pepwave, peplink, pheenet and aphelion. Υποστηρίζουμε wifi, TDM, FDD ασύρματες τεχνολογίες.