Hot Spot / Hot Zone Revenue Calculator

Revenue Calculator

The calculations below are used to estimate the monthly revenue based on your sales.  The purpose of this calculator is to help you realize the costs and revenues associated with a WiFi Hot-spot or Hot-zone in a market determined by you.  There are no guarantees that you will realize these revenues.  The information and costs provided on this page are purely illustrative.

Rate You Will Charge Your Customers:

per 1/2 Hour

per 6 Hours

per 1 Hour

per 12 Hours

per 2 Hours

per 24 Hours

per 3 Hours

per Month

Estimate your Usage:

1/2 Hour Users per Day

6 Hours Users per month

1 Hour Users per Day

12 Hours Users per month

2 Hours Users per Day

24 Hours Users per month

3 Hours Users per Day

Monthly Users per month

Estimate Your Costs:

1/2 Hour User name

6 Hours User name

1 Hour User name

12 Hours User name

2 Hours User name

24 Hours User name

3 Hours User name

Monthly User name

Internet Access (DSL/Cable) + Other Monthly (recurring)

Initial startup cost



Results Based On the Provided Info:

Gross revenue per month per Hot Spot

Your expenses

Your net monthly income

Over one year you may make

The months it will take to recover your investment